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Review – The Mexican

Are you craving for the real authentic Mexican food? Let’s visit one of the most recommended restaurant in Bangkok, The Mexican. This is a fairly large, upscale restaurant located off Sukhumvit Soi 2. You will also discover interesting spirits that restaurant has to offer inside the shop.

The Mexican

The Mexican will definitely give you different feeling like no other restaurant because their concept of decorating the restaurant. As you walk in, A big painting of skull-faced lady will immediately greet you at the door. El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is the Mexican traditional celebration of the Circle of Life and honour to their loved one. Moreover, when you look around the shop, there are lots of seats which can easily seat 60-80 people. The atmosphere inside the cuisine along with its decoration bring you the cosy feeling of the bar mood. Slightly dim light with the green theme on the wall surely relaxing. There is also a pool table too.

the cosy feeling of the bar mood and slightly dim light with the green theme

The Mexican has been using their chillies from its original country. As well as their on ingredients such as corns and tomatoes from own farm. Looking at their menu, the restaurant offers quite an extensive menu. To start your meal there, try Grilled Snapper Salad, a very fresh green veggies. Chili con Carne, A spicy ground pork stew made with kidney beans and tomatoes topped with cheese served with chips. Moreover, Australian Rib Eye Beef Steak and topped with ancho butter a must try in the restaurant.

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If you visit The Mexican, don’t forget to try their craft beer. Large selection of big market beers on different customised bottled craft beers. There are also multiple choices of cocktails for you to choose from as well. For example, Martini, classic with tequila and garnished with green olives. The country flag drink, tequila with grenadine & our special green liquor.

Martini, classic with tequila and garnished with green olives
Mexican Martini

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