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Jam – A dive bar plus so much more

This is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite bars in the whole of Bangkok.  I have been coming here since I moved here almost seven years ago. From the second you lay eyes on it you know it’s different.  Covered with slap up stickers from top to bottom and inside and out, Jam throws out a vibe that is all its own.  It’s a tiny little place

Bang Bang Burgers – In Sauce We Trust

Knock Out Burgers Bangkok’s appetite for burgers has been on a steady increase for the past few years with a plethora of American diners, delivery services and burger joints popping up all over town. However, the fight is far over. Enter the new kids on the block ‘Bang Bang Burgers’ opening its only doors for a mere 14 days at the time of

NotSameBar – French and European Cuisine

NotSameBar is an intimate little neighbourhood bar and restaurant which only opened its doors in January 2021. Located in upmarket Sathorn on the corner of Naradhiwas Rajanagrindra 2 Alley, NotSameBar is serving up some delightful authentic French and European cuisine. As we pulled up in our taxi, we step out into the cozy courtyard with a

Tortilla Quemada: Rise of ‘The Cantina’

Tortilla Quemada: Over the last decade we’ve seen many changes within the Bangkok food scene, non-more prevalent than the emergence of some spectacular Latin and Mexican cuisine establishments. We’ve gone from the uninspiring Tex-Mex of yesterday, with their overly sweet chili con carne and bland tacos to authentic flavours of real Latin fair.

Golden State Vegan : Expect the unexpected

Travelling to Golden State Vegan. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think, ‘Vegan’? ... You can be honest.  Most meat eaters think of hippies ranting about almond milk, roll their eyes, reach for their leather wallets and pay for their latte and ham/cheese panini from Starbucks and forget the thought totally. Vegans on

Billy’s Smokehouse – Playing with fire

Wood, Fire, and Smoke The Smokehouse Barbecue is the ubiquitous, well-loved cooking method enjoyed all around the globe and much adored in the USA. Barbecue can mean many different things to many different people, whether it’s the whole hog barbecue of South Carolina or the slow smoked beef briskets of Texas to the strongly spiced barbecue

Karachi Delight – Delighting you always

We recently visited the Indian restaurant Karachi Delight in Soi Charoen Krung 42/1, Bangrak, just behind the Shangri-La Hotel. We must admit we were extremely satisfied with the Indian food served here. What attracted us was the vivid colourfulness and variety of menus. The service was excellent and the pricing was reasonable.

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