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Enjoying Homely Italian at ‘Bon Amici’

Bon Amici provides a lovely homely feel to a wonderful Italian food experience. It very much embodies the neighbourhood eatery


Bon Amici
Sandy with Chef Luca

The friendly couple Ann and Luca welcome you in a cozy dining room with a vintage look on the first floor of their own home located in Pridi Banomyong 14 alley. There is a pretty story about this home. This is the actual familial house where Ann grew up as a child and shared fond memories. Then, with her family, they moved to different countries and several years ago while studying fashion in Florence, she met Luca. Both return to Thailand and opened Bon Amici about a year and a half ago. Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Luca cooks traditional and authentic Tuscan recipes. The delectable and comfy dishes, the quaint and relaxing atmosphere supplement Ann and Luca’s personality that you will feel eating at a friend’s home as the name of the restaurant (Bon Amici) implied.


Most importantly, when in Rome do as the Romans do! Let’s start with some pasta dishes! Indulge yourself with the most delicious dumpling I have eaten in a very long time with Gnudi con Crema di Parmigiano (B 295). A nude dumpling with spinach and ricotta served with satisfying Parmesan and Pecorino cheese sauce.

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Bon Amici nude dumpling

For a more generous pasta dish, opt for Bon Amici Gnocchi al Ragù d’Anatra (B 320) made with potato dumpling served with a meaty tomato sauce with duck and orange. A perfect combination!

Next, try Bon Amici’s oven-baked Calzone (B 350) full of melting mozzarella, prosciutto cotto ham, tomato, and mushrooms. A very satisfying dish! It can be devoured alone…or shared.

Bon Amici Pizza

Another must-try, the Tuscan Stuffed Squid (B650) made with homemade sausage, egg and a lush tomato sauce. This is a winning dish for any seafood lover.

Those with a sweet tooth would be delighted by Bon Amici tiramisu made with real mascarpone. Most importantly, this tiramisu is different than others we tasted in Bangkok, the coffee flavor is toned down allowing to taste the other flavors from the creamy mascarpone-egg combination and the amaretto, an alcohol made from almond. Bon Amici Italian Kitchen is a place you’d like to return for the comfy food, friendly service catered by the lovely couple Ann and Luca. This is a perfect place for families and couples living in the neighborhood of Phrakanong. Budget-friendly. Please note to reserve your table a few days in advance as seating is limited.

Their Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bonamicibkk/https://www.facebook.com/bonamicibkk/

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