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Review – Digging into Vietnamese at ‘Pho Van’

Love Vietnamese food? Join Natty, our newest presenter as she runs the rule over the tasty offerings at Pho Van. From what is described as legit Pho, Baan Mi & Hanoi Imperial Rolls, hit play and discover how Natty rates the menu.

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Pho has existed over a hundred years and today it is recognized as the national dish of Vietnam. Due to the dish having captured the fascination of many people including writers, poets, connoisseurs and culinary experts because of the deceptive simple yet complex flavours. It is a dish that has intrigued people for decades.

vietnamese food - Original Pho Bac
Original Pho Bac (Pho of the North)
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Pho Van takes pride in replicating and preserving the original Pho Bac (Pho of the North). To perfect it, it took 7 years of research. Today the restaurant is successful in serving an authentic bowl of Pho Bac outside Vietnam. The intensive process requires 18 hours of simmering broth. Next, ingredients have to be added at the right time to achieve the rich complex flavors. Consequently, it is cooked in a 95cm tall simmering pot at the restaurant that is constantly on fire. Thats the approach for the preparation for the next day’s broth.

Its worth trying their Duck Nem-Nuong with special rice paper that will melt in your mouth. Or indulge in their hot fresh Banh Mi in various flavours for a delicious Vietnamese food experience.

The Lemon Grass Chicken is mouth watering and the aroma is fantastic. To complete the meal you must order the Arrow Root Dessert served warm. Arrow Root is known for cooling down your body heat.

Conclusion – Pho Van Review (Vietnamese Food)

Most importantly, Pho Van focuses on Northern Vietnamese cuisine and is often visited by Vietnamese people when they miss home. If you peruse their TripAdvisor Page, you will see many compliments from real Vietnamese people.


127 ซอย Moo Ban Seri Villa Yaek 2, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250





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