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Bar review – Dog In Yard

For our latestest Bar review we head down to W District to check out Dog in YARD, with a lovely range of local Thai brews and hot dogs to munch on, its a great stop at W District located here https://goo.gl/maps/nZ9qVba3Zqs

Review – Azzurro Fortysix

If you don't already know Azzurro Fortysix hidden not far from BTS Phrakanong, its a lovely find in a contemporary designed building/garden oasis. Not only should you consider visiting the NAIPA ART COMPLEX , but you can't miss Azzurro

Review : Wild & Co.

They say that Bangkok is a jungle out there...we found just the place where all the wild animals roam at Wild & Company. Come join us for a taste safari! The restaurant is certainly different ot your standard idea of what a