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Jam – A dive bar plus so much more

This is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite bars in the whole of Bangkok.  I have been coming here since I moved here almost seven years ago. From the second you lay eyes on it you know it’s different.  Covered with slap up stickers

HOJA – A Taste of Taiwanese

Got out the other day for some Taiwanese food at Hoja. It means Delicious in Taiwanese, and it was! It’s a new place that just opened up three or four months ago over on soi 33. They have another location out in

Kalyana – A journey through Myanmar

Kalyana has got it goin on.  I do not know how familiar you are with Burmese food, but let me tell you, it has a lot to offer.  I, personally,  had never tried it before stumbling upon the little gem over by the Airport link on the Road

The Blue Boar – a port in the storm

Tucked away down Soi 18 there is a little place where everybody knows your name and it’s called the Blue Boar. It is run by three great guys; Johnnie Walker and Grant hailing from England, and Luka from Switzerland.

New York Style Steak & Burger – Reviewed

This week we tried out New York Style Steak & Burger.  They do steaks and burgers, but we are focusing on the burgers for this review.  This is not your average burger joint.  This is more of an upscale burger place and you can tell in

Resting at ‘Viva & Aviv by the River’

We headed out to the river this week to try out something different, Viva & Aviv by the River.  It is a pretty cool little place.  I would describe Viva & Aviv by the River as a trendy hipster place in a tourist location.  They

No blues at ‘Roadhouse Barbecue’

Man, I love this place, Roadhouse Barbecue.  I just love the atmosphere, the look, the smell, everything about it.  It’s set up all western saloon, beer bar style.  To me it’s like walking back straight back into Texas.  It just feels like