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Delivery: Quick and different @ Easy Burger

1…..2…..3….. it’s as easy as that, send Easy Burger a message and you will get your burgers delivered in a jiffy!!

The Burgers

The Cheasy Burger, the Bacon Blue Burger and the Big Easy were as yummy as they sound. The salted crinkle-cut fries and jalapeño poppers hit the spot nicely on a Sat afternoon. I was craving burgers today! I decided to try Easy Burger and very impressed!!

Easy Burger

If you want a bit of spice definitely go for the jalapeño poppers they are spicy and cheesy and go down nice. Easy Burgers has the paper wraps instead of the containers so the burgers are not soggy. Furthermore, this reminds me of when I was a kid eating take away burgers in Canada.

The Cheasy Burger was a one beef patty, and the fixings! The Easy Burger made this as a usual style burger with class! The tasty of this burger brings you home in every bite! Not as filling as the other 2, I tried, however, this is a perfect size for a small portion eater!

Easy Burger

These loaded spicy fries were super delicious. They came loaded up with jalapeños, bacon bits and lots of melty cheese! This is definitely a must-order with your fries make sure you have a lot of room because this will definitely fill up the tank for the day! The yummy sauce pictures here were spicy and fire lite up when you dip a popper in here!

The Big Easy

The Big Easy Burger was one of the nicest tastiest “natural burgers” I’ve tasted. Came with a couple of strips of bacon pickles mustard ketchup onions and two beef patties. Moreover, you can tell the beef patties are made homemade because of the way it tasted. Plus, the buns were super soft and spongy. The jalapeño poppers were crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. It is definitely the luck of the draw if you get a spicy one because they’re filled with chopped jalapeños inside.

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Juicy & Blu Burger

If you love the taste of blu cheese in a burger then this is for you. The strong taste of the blue cheese mixed with the bun and all of the condiments is definitely a tasty treat. Don’t be fooled by the size of these burgers! In addition, they are big, meaty and scrumptious!

Yupp…. you can double it up and no matter what it is fantastic taste!! I love me a good burger every once in a while and this hit the spot!

Thank you everyone who made this Easy Burgers and all the right fixing possible for a great Sat afternoon!!

Hope everyone is staying safe, and healthy during this pandemic and the only pandemic that should be happening is love and peace to be passed to each and everyone@

With love and gratitude,


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