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Mont Calzone – Bonjouno!

Mont Calzone is Italian Thai restaurant, it incorporates Italian & Thai food at the same time. They have a selection of drinks such as cocktails and some various signature drinks.

Mont Calzone

You can find them at Habito Mall in Sukhumvit 77. They have been operating for 5 years now and have a sister restaurant in Singapore with a similar concept as well

Passion fruit smoothie

The Passion fruit smoothie is actually nicely done.  Some sweetness to smooth out the sourness of the passionfruit.  But not overly down, well within a tolerable range of sweetness which can be so tricky sometimes.   Countered by a dollop of fresh whipped  cream of top


The nice thing about their bread starters is that there is a wide assortment of breads available, generally speaking the restaurant is about choice.  We opted for Parma, the cheese and garlic and the bruschetta.  The bread is fresh and soft and baked daily.  We found that between the Variety offered by Mont Calzone, it was a great way to start our degustation journey!

Caprese salad

A lovely sharp bite of Parma ham mixed with fresh leaves and shaved Parmesan .  Accompanied by two towers of chunky slices of buffalo cheese and tomato sliced witha smattering of pepper.  This was a lovely start with some quality buffalo cheese 


Mont Calzone
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I do love a good risotto and these guys have not disappointed.  It’s deceiving simply but well crafted with Australian rib-eye cooked with a black pepper sauce and vegetables.  All sitting on a foundation of creamy risotto.  What they have done here is put together a lovely contrast of tastes between the two ….  I would recommend making this risotto part of your meal.  

Vodka e salmon 

Mont Calzone makes their Vodka e salmon a really pleasant affair, a tomato cream base , smoked salmon is added and then vodka is poured on top, as the last phase.  

Lobster bisque

Mont Calzone
Lobster bisque

Mont Calzone creates a lobster bisque that is actually quite lovely. They use Seafood stock with lobster and then blended to make the Bisque.  It’s a hearty bisque with ever present lobster flavour, definitely not watered down.  A strip of cream giving it a slightly luscious taste, accompanied with a slice of garlic bread and a prawn swimming in the middle.  


Mont Calzone does have a wide range of choice when it comes to pizzas. The best next thing is that if you cannot decide, you can get half and half! The chicken pesto is mix of tomato sauce and pesto, with chucks of chicken sitting atop.  You won’t come across this often I think and it does seem to be their own creation.   Then followed with a traditional ham and pineapple, to satisfy the purists.  It was good.  We also tried the Pepperoni and Italian sausage, great if you are looking to sink your teeth into a meaty pizza!

Overall this place offers a good election of food for people living close to Habito or in On Nut generally!


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