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Review : Wild & Co.

They say that Bangkok is a jungle out there…we found just the place where all the wild animals roam at Wild & Company. Come join us for a taste safari!

The restaurant is certainly different ot your standard idea of what a restaurant should be. Hidden away in an alley from the busy streets of Bangkok, it’s just5 minutes away from Ekamai & Thonglor. As their website states “Wild & Co. is a culinary journey into the unknown”. And their promise to you? “Breaking the rules, crushing the norms, and challenging ourselves and our guests to push boundaries further than anyone else in town. ” as per their own words!

Wild & Co sits on block with a cosy house that is also a bar and the dining area is a atrium made out of glass. After being greeted you have a choice of turning right near the neon sign into the somewhat underground bar “Black Cabin” for some pre-dinner drinks. Or you can head straight for dining. What might startle you at first is the plethora of taxidermy hanging from the walls!

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Opening in 2017, it certain raise heads in Bangkok with is most unique approach to food. Wild & Co., finds it’s inspiration for the more wild or gamey selections. It seeks out food of the forest and then leans into the Western idea of BBQ. resulting in grilled meats that in certainly Thai in nature, but familiar nevertheless to many a western audience.

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