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Best Country Beef Steak House

Tucked away in Ekkamai is a petite little steak house called Best Country Beef Steak House, right next door to Broken Eggs.

The owner, Khun Aun uses a farm in Mukdahan, Essan and a Breeder farm in korat.  Khun Aun has been a butcher for over 20 years.  He first started at Villa sukhumvit and then he opened his first restaurant at ramintra.

What is unique about this location is the convenient opportunity to also select your own cuts from the meat display cabinet. Everything is nicely presented and staff are on hand to help decide, should you be unsure of your selection.

Best Country Beef Steak House has a homely warm feeling inside, nicely laid out with almost a balance between fine dining and casual. So no matter what the occasion you will feel like the venue suits your current needs. The service is prompt and efficient.

Like any fine dining experience it kicked off with some Nam Prik Pla Too as an Amuse Buse. An appropriate way to start that sets the tone for whats to come. The staff are quite well trained, upon arrival we were immediately well greeted by the Maître d’hôtel and manger, Khun Gong. Who runs a tight ship.

Best Country Beef Steak House
Chef Nut

The Starter is introduced by Chef Nut, who previously trained with Ian Kirsten.  

Ox tongue – Best Country Beef Steak House

We are presented with The Ox tongue, cubes of tongue inspired by Indonesian Rendang.  It’s Soft and well textured.  There is a delicate thai cucumber salad that comes along for the ride, overall this dish in a word is creamy.  Out of interest ox tongue is hard to find within Thailand, not enough local tongue, making it sometimes even more expensive then the imported versions.

Bone marrow with thai tartar

Best Country Beef Steak House

Bone marrow with thai tartar.
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So, starting with koi, which is essentially tar tar.  Potentially a relative of Thai larb, but not cooked.   The koi is pretty much a similar taste to cooked larb, if you are looking for a reference. It’s adorned with Radish and Cherry tomato.  The Bone marrow, comes with a taste profile akin to fat.   Best done with the slice of baguette, tomatoes and koi and marrow together. Absolutely delicious!

Grilled eggplant yum with flank steak

Texture of the flank steak is good and has a nice bite or crunch to it, works well with the yum.  The eggplant is soft and well cooked and combines nicely with the yum and smattering of peanuts.  Of course there is a hint of chili spice either every yum.

Three Sausages Plate

Best Country Beef Steak House
Three Sausages Plate

Next we are presented three sausages, which are home made but of course.  Spanish Chorizo, Italian spicy and Numberger.   The Numberger is quite nice, gulped down with a pickle, on a bed on purple cauliflower,with some thyme on the side.   Next was the Italian spicy with jaew.  Wow.  This Jaew is homemade with a secret recipe that is just amazing! Do make sure you have an opportunity to sample this sauce! The Chorizo is moderate in its spice, we tried it with the mustard and cheese mushroom grating (French) 

Beef braised short rib

The Beef braised short rib comes with a Southern curry and sprouts. The curry is sweet up front, slightly tart behind.  But basically a “khem Jon” thai for rich.   The short rib is really quite delightful, ranging through a taste of slightly sweet but robust, tender and soft from the slow cook process.  

Best Country Beef Steak House – Our last dish

Best Country Beef Steak House
Striploin MBS 4-5

Best Country Beef Steak House presented us with our last dishes which were the Striploin MBS 4-5 and the Flank MBS 4-5. The were very nicely presented and indeed quite tasty. They come will grilled vegetables and a nice selection of sauces to go with it. These dishes are the highlight of the menu and indeed the restaurant, there are in a way, the epitome of what Khun Aun is striving for. Locally produced Thai Wagyu, well presented and cooked appropriately.

He is definitely well into his journey with his experience over the years resulting. One thing that Best Country Beef Steak House is doing, is waving the flag for Thai wagyu, it’s come a long way in the last 10 years, and will be in time a competitor for imported wagyu, especially if price is a determinant. If you are curious as to where the Thai Wagyu industry is at, take a journey to Best Country Beef Steak House and find out yourself!

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