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Review – Cantina Wine Bar & Kitchen

If the smell of Italian cooking sends you soaring, then check out our wonderful review of Cantina Wine Bar & Kitchen, truly a sensational Italian Kitchen, and some very special wine as well! Find them at the corner of of Ari Samphan Soi 3, Ari https://goo.gl/maps/7nCp5A1Pi8P2

Upon entering Cantina Wine Bar & Kitchen, you are struck by an intense smell, it’s the smell of how an Italian cantina should smell, lovely rich aromas of everything Italian floating and wafting through the air.  One could describe the interior design as cosy and warm, with candlelit ambience abounding and delighting, riffed by hazy smells drifting from the kitchen in the background.  Be sure to check out the opera in the restroom, it’s certain to make your water closet sojourn a stupendous occasion.   This is really local trattoria style, as Italian mum and dad would have it, cooking from the heart!

Mixed bruschetta – Truffle and artichoke, avocado and feta, ham and stracciatella, cannelloni. Fresh, and great ingredients. Beans are a must, as well as the ham.

Papa deli pasta – (Ragout) – Wild boar marinated overnight, comes from Italy, marinated in red wine for 18 hours,, onions and garlic, thyme, Celery carrots.  This is absolutely  stellar standout dish of the venue, if you try anything, you have to try this.   Fresh pasta, grated Parmesan on top.  The taste is luscious, with thick ragout and tasty fresh PATA.  Boar is soft, and melts in the mouth. It’s gorgeous the meat slowly dissipates in the mouth in a delightful way.

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Salad.  –  according to the owner of Cantina Wine Bar & Kitchen, a real Italian traditional fennel – munch away and then you hit the anchovy, a burst of salty fish, but not overdone .  But let’s be clear about this, this is white anchovy , nothing like the anchovy you know  – this is particularly mild compared to the normal dried smaller anchovy.

Pizza – The glorious thing about their pizzas is that there is no excessive amounts of cheese, which can often overwhelm the ingredients.  A beautiful  rustic base, and a nice tomato sauce.  Dough has a hint of a soft biscuit, which means it has taste there, not oodles of doughy carbs.  The owner spent months searching for quality ingredients such as the tomato and onions – getting the basics right .  The crust gives support / platform to the distinctiveness of the individual ingredients 

Cantina Wine Bar & Kitchen is a delight to your palate, you have no reason to regret booking a place here.


Ari Samphan Soi 3, Ari, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400


02 038 5114

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