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When it comes to Indian Food, there is a plethora of choices within Bangkok, so it is always fun to find something that truly delights. Do you want to experience their fantastic Indian Kabab as well as Cocktails the same time? Visit CHARCOAL TANDOOR GRILL & MIXOLOGY at Soho Hospitality Group’s hit rooftop bar above Eleven atmosphere, located in 38/8 Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 11.

The atmosphere of CHARCOAL TANDOOR GRILL & MIXOLOGY deliveries in a sleek, modern, vibrant and social environment on the top of Soho Hospitality Group building. As soon as the elevator door opens the display of spices in glass jars with Indian feels. You feel like you are in a Tandoor Grill steakhouse version because the wooden tables and floorboards, open kitchen, cozy surrounding lights. While the men’s toilet is sound tracked with recordings of Indian public markets.

Spices in glass jars with Indian feels

CHARCOAL TANDOOR GRILL & MIXOLOGY specializes in making the original Indian delicious Kabab filled with all the authentic aromas. Especially, their hidden of traditional tandoori cooking skill. Moreover, Charcoal delivers India’s Northwestern classic cuisine into the modern cooking. Kabab is the king of the menu and brings the joy to the table. Authentic clay ovens is the main method to prepare the food. The tenderness of the meats, fresh ingredients and colorful vegetables are prepared to excellent tastes and aromas.

In CHARCOAL TANDOOR GRILL & MIXOLOGY, there are also wild ingredients from different border of regions, enhancing the flavored with exotic marinades and fragrant rubs. CHARCOAL has handpicked delicacies from the Royal house of Mughals for a whole leg of mouth watering plus juicy slow-cooked lamb for the true feast. From the smell of the lamb, you would go to the restaurant and want to dig in with your hand.

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 juicy slow-cooked lamb

In the menu, TANDOOR GRILL offers different kind of foods. Murgh Malai Kabab, five pieces tender chicken that dissolves in your month. Furthermore, as you cutting it, the juice and pinkish inside immediately show. A vegetarian dish, Paneer Tikka, include Indian flavor. However, you need to save some space for fresh cottage cheese from Tandoor grill with softer texture of tofu.

For this cozy atmosphere to dine, you would want to complete the food with refreshing drinks that Tandoor Grill has. So a fresh-ingredient cocktail would light the mood. There are variety of cocktails for your choice for new concept of the alleys and antique shops of Old Delhi. Inspire by Rohit Sachdev the tandoor grill.

 Indian-fusion cocktails

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