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Karachi Delight – Delighting you always

We recently visited the Indian restaurant Karachi Delight in Soi Charoen Krung 42/1, Bangrak, just behind the Shangri-La Hotel.   We must admit we were extremely satisfied with the Indian food served here.  What attracted us was the vivid colourfulness and variety of menus. The service was excellent and the pricing was reasonable. Moreover, The staff are very friendly and the environment of the place was quite welcoming.  Mr. Abid Khan, the owner, is from Pakistan. He has opened shop since August, 14, 2018, serving Pakistani, Arabic, and authentic Indian food. So, I am sure if you want to experience the authentic Indian taste, this choice is the one you will will not regret. 

Karachi Delight has the best Pani Puri in town

We started with amazing Pani Puri. For those who don’t know, Pani is spiced water. But, Puri is a fried, puffed, crisp dough ball, which is hollow. Each Puri is filled with some potato and chickpea Masala. The owner from Karachi Delight showed us a marvellous technique to eat with a knocking and breaking action. It is cold, crispy, juicy, all these flavours in just one bite. 

Palak paneer

Karachi Delight
Palak paneer

Palak is the Hindi word for spinach. Paneer is the Indian cottage cheese made by curdling the milk. It’s the old recipe but makes me feel refreshed. The smooth and milky perfect compatibility, crumbly in the mouth paneer and the ordinary ingredients which go into making this plate gives an elegant tender sweet flavour that is credible to experience the magical wonderful Indian taste.  

Welcome to the world of Butter Chicken!! 

I often eat at Indian restaurants and usually order butter chicken. Is this Butter Chicken really Indian? Yes It is. It originated from Northern India. This recipe makes a flavoured Punjabi-style chicken curry with a well-combination of yoghurt, lime juice, turmeric, garam masala, chilli, cumin, garlic and ginger in a bowl. It was rich in butter and cream as its main key to this recipe from Karachi Delight.  

Karachi Delight does a Veggie-friendly Dish!!

Karachi Delight

In a bowl mix the vegetables, hearty and comforting curry made with vegetables. All vegetables can be included in a sabzi and the preparation can take many forms. It’s thick and spicy. The vegetables are seasoned with plenty of spices and, sabzis don’t contain any animal meat. Thus, they are the best choice for vegans and vegetarians. You’ll never regret having mixed veggie on the table. 

Tikka Boti – Karachi Delight Style.

In fact, Tikka is traditionally baked skewers with small pieces of chicken, usually boneless, Tikka in punjabi means bits and pieces.  The recipe is a very famous dish among Pakistani food. Delicious tender chicken melts in my mouth. The soft texture and the mellow blend of spices made me fall in love with it. The sauce is usually creamy, spiced and orange in color. 

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Beef Kema

Karachi Delight

A special blend of aromatic spices, keema is a traditional Asian dish made with mince – flavour it with spicy curry powder. I love the spiced beef keema filling works brilliantly with the fresh mixture is thick and savory. 

Indian Dal curry

Full of flavour and nutritious, this Indian Dal curry from Karachi Delight is outrageously delicious. It is made up mainly of lentils, tomatoes, and chilies. Extremely creamy in taste with a nice flavourful aroma and taste of the blend of the spices used. It is high in protein, making it an ideal choice for vegetarians who want to obtain a balanced nutrition. 

Chicken masalas

Karachi Delight

I believe it is the one of the very best chicken masalas you’ll ever taste! It’s made with tender bites of marinated chicken in a creamy spiced tomato sauce. Moreover, the other great thing about this recipe is the addition of heavy cream. It really just improves the overall consistency, richness and flavor of the sauce. Therefore, It’s a classic dish that you will never get disappointed!

Malai boti

Looking for something mouth watering? 

Malai boti is a fantastic Northern Indian dish that will give you a party of flavours in the mouth. Malai means creamy chicken with delicious spicy cuisine in India and Pakistan. It is a super flavourful and tender , very easy and simple recipe. 

In brief, Karachi Delight is one of the great Indian food restaurants in Bangkok. Specialising in northern Indian style and Punjabi style. It was my first time enjoying Pani puri. Their butter chicken and chicken masala are definitely perfect. Furthermore, the owner and staff are gentle and responsive to offer the service. You will be happy to have the moment of authentic delicacies.

Their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/karachidelight/

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